Album Design

I’ve just finished putting together two lovely albums. Now just the slideshows to be put together and ready for my clients to pick up. I believe that is less than a 2 month turn around since the couples have made their decisions on their photographs!

Wedding at The White Hart Inn, Lydgate
The White Hart Inn
Wedding Photography at the White Hart Inn, Lydgate

First Dance, The White Hart Inn, Lydgate
Wedding at the Clough Manor In Denshaw
Wedding at the Clough Manor

Langendale Community College Talks

Yesterday I spoke to 2 lots of 80  14yr old children at the Longendale Community College about my business and how I had started it up and how it has grown.It was an interesting experience, as I expected only to be speaking to one group, but where there’s a will there’s a way! The children seemed reasonably interested in my presentation asking quite a few very relevant and interesting questions. I also had a few children come up to me at the end and commend me on my work – which I really appreciated.I hope I have helped in some way to expand the minds of these 160 children and give them hope for future employment/ business opportunities. I just hope they don’t all decide to become photographers!

A new leg to the Jude Gidney Photography Website!

Welcome to the new blogging site for JGP. I’ve just been on a marketing course with the TBF ( Tameside Business Family) and have been introduced to this idea. I shall be keeping it updated with relevant information about the business. Comments always appreciated especially so I know that people are actually reading this. Thank you for taking the time to look and read!Jude