Pregnancy Casts, Newborn Photography

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Pregnancy Casts and Newborn Baby Photography go well together. A lot of mums like to keep a record of their pregnancy but often feel awkward about baring all for photographs. My studio is warm and cosy, with sets that make taking photographs calm and easy. It’s wonderful to welcome a mum-to-be into the studio, encourage them to spend time thinking solely about what’s going on inside them, and help them to look beautiful on the outside. The change in them is amazing, as having that attention can be liberating.

Pregnancy Casts, Newborn

Pregnancy Casts, Maternity Photographs

Seeing my big-bellied self through Jude’s lens made me feel like one of those beautiful pregnant women! Jude made both my partner and I feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the maternity photography session. She has captured a precious time in our lives which we can look back on and cherish forever. Looking forward to another session with our newborn baby very soon!


But it’s understandable that not every mum would like to remember it in this way. OR they may like to have both. The Pregnancy Cast is a cast taken of your bump, using soft textiles and hardening agent, and once hard, is beautifully decorated by art student Nat to your own design or one suggested by her.

And then when your precious baby arrives, your cast is a beautiful vessel to hold him or her in, with the use of soft blankets and padding, and with the expertise of a BANPAS recognised, BIPP registered photographer, your newborn baby photographs are in very safe hands.

Book a package now, even if you’ve only just found out the delightful news, as both are getting very booked up. Don’t be disappointed …. click hereย 



Pregnancy Cast Pregnancy Cast


Newborn photo

Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn photo

Newborn and baby Photographer

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