My Orange Dog – and learning to do the right thing

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I’ve recently been inspired to do an at home shoot with my little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Meet Harvey, he’s an orange dog! The official name for him is ruby and his official title is Herald of Spring of Heronbank – but that’s a little difficult to shout out when recalling him on the footpath. I’m just priming him for a shoot later in the week in the studio, but wanted to teach him a few moves beforehand to make things easier.

I actually managed to get him to learn to sit with his back to the camera, result!! He’ll do anything for a little piece of cheese. The training was taught to me by Lucy, the animal behaviourist. She spent time teaching me, and Harvey some simple commands, using click training, which I am now extending for the shoot. He’s so willing to please me, it’s easy once he gets the hang of what to do – but getting him to understand the command in the first place takes patience.

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