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As a professional photographer I am aware of the importance of constantly updating and renewing my knowledge and skills, and learning new ones especially for newborn baby photos.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop held by Tracy Willis, a world known award winning newborn photographer from Kent. The course involved 2 newborn babies, that Tracy posed, lit and talked us through safety and good procedure in the studio. We then each took images and a turn in soothing the babies.

The experience helped me to realise the wealth of knowledge I already have, as a Professional photographer for over 14 years and as a mother of 2, now grown up, boys. It also gave me tips and advice on improving my work and making the session flow more smoothly to improve your experience.

Here’s the result of the workshop, all editing and montage making my own. Please click on the image to view it large, thanks.

Newborn baby photos

A baby session involves not only carefully ensuring that your baby is sleeping soundly, but carefully moving them into positions that they are used to being in in the womb. Now baby is very delicate, and it is possible to move your baby into uncomfortable positions. In an experts studio, your baby should be comfortable and there will be very little crying. So Mum and Dad, you can sit back and relax and even catch a few Zzzzzs. If you’re uncomfortable with your photographer, you’ll be uncomfortable in the session. Choose wisely as this will be the only time you can do this, babies grow quickly!

Please give me a call on 07759 599134 to talk through your session and how I’d handle it. There’s no alternative to speaking with the person you are entrusting your baby to.

Here’s more details about safety and the newborn baby experience in the studio.

To enquire and book your own session….go here, thanks.


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