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Baby and newborn photographer jude gidney

Are you on Linked -In? Does your photo say much about you and the person you are? Nowadays we all are aware that an online presence is important, but are we loosing the personal factor of expressions and face to face interactions? There is the saying ‘first impressions stick’ – the first impression of yourself as a business person when people check out your online profile is you photograph.

Do you look approachable, happy, do you look like you enjoy your work…? Do you look like a ‘manager’ or a ‘hands-on’ guy or girl?

3 photos from this morning with different looks – which looks most appealing to you? Β These images took over 1hr to achieve – my client’s happy with the result, but I’m not letting on which he decided to use on his profile. I’ll leave that with you.


Newborn and baby Photographer

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