Durban Mill, Derelict before Demolition

Baby and newborn photographer jude gidney

Durban Mill, previously standing majestically in Oldham, is no longer after being demolished to make way for new housing. I was asked to record the conditions of the Mill just before it was razed to the ground, capturing the derelict nature and the felling of the chimney. We climbed up onto the roof of the Mill, having to wear rubber gloves as the pigeon poo was deemed a risk to health. I found it more concerning that I may slip on the poo as I ascended and descended what was only a rather worn ladder to reach the roof area, with a heavy rucksack of photographic equipment on my back.

The tour of the Mill took us down into the depths of the bowels, which rather reminded me of the film ‘being Malcolm Malkovich’ as the ceiling reduced by a half and we were near walking with bended heads.  All that on the whole was viewable was the remains of what seemed like a rapid exit by any company previously using the building, dead pigeons and their deposits prior to death.

It was a sort of exciting visit but now the brick dust has settled, time to show the images.

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