The Best of Oldham Businesses Evening

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This Thursday saw yet another great evening of Best Oldham Businesses. We gathered at Milan Bar in Lees for a private function, meeting with current members of The Best of Oldham brand and potential businesses looking to join us. Richard Taylor of the Best of Oldham introduced the evening and it’s current members, outlining the benefits of being part of the brand. He mentioned the latest initiatives to help to get our brands ‘out there’ and ones in the pipeline.

We then were treated to pie and chips and chatter between known and new businesses. Personally I may benefit from at least 4 connections including a Wedding enquiry, two staff image sessions for websites and a family photoshoot.

Here are images that hopefully tell the story of the evening and illustrate the energy that was very apparent.

Staff Images for your website and Business Profile images are a major part of my involvement with The Best of Oldham, telling the story of your business. Please contact me here and I’ll be happy to talk through with you how I can help.

The Best Oldham Businesses

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