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5 top tips for getting great photos of your children.

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Taking photos of your children is a great way to capture memories – you can improve on your photos with just 5 top tips. 

1.Get down. Being on their level helps you to connect with your child and also makes their eyes appear larger and so even more appealing. Crawl on the floor with them, or put them up on a sofa so you can easily make eye contact. Top tips for taking photographs

2.Fill the frame of your camera. Again their eyes are seen larger and it’s that contact that helps to draw you into the photograph. The bigger your children are in a photograph the more detail you will see. It’s these little details that change over the years and so will be so appealing to capture. Eyes, eyelashes, nose shape, ears etc.

3.Remove distractions from the background. Try to make sure you don’t have too much going on in the background. Too much detail in your photograph will take your attention from the children and make your eye rove around the photograph. The children are the most important thing you are photographing and so let them be. 

  • Top tips for taking photographs4. Make their eyes sparkle. When taking a photograph look at their eyes, do they have a light or twinkle in them? If not try turning them to the light of a window, or reflecting light back into them with a mirror or even table lamp. If outside try to capture them with a refection of water or the sky in their eyes, so making them glint. This will make them look bright and awake. 
  • 5. Get them talking. Getting down on the floor, talking and playing with them will encourage your children to be less anxious about the camera and what you are doing, and will allow you to capture more natural photographs of them being them. It also captures them playing with toys that they likely will grow out of soon, or doing activities like drawing and  painting that again they may do less of as they grow and change.  

I hope these tips have been helpful. I’d love to see your results – please post them on my facebook page as little ones faces are Baby Photography on facebookalways a joy to see. 

Please keep an eye out on my page for more tips and ideas. 

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